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We want you published, so please read the following carefully to make all our lives easier:

Issue 15 will be published on January 1st, if you submit and don't hear back from us before that time it means we passed on the piece and wish you the best of luck elsewhere. Please Note: because our editors will be busy reviewing chapbook submissions until March, you will not hear back from us until mid-March at the soonest.

Submit all work and queries to

Submit no more than 5 text pieces at a time, no more than 10 art pieces at a time. Any more beyond that amount won't be looked over.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, just let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere so we can remove it from consideration.

Cover letters won't be read or considered when reading your submission. BPL has put writers getting their first publication right next to authors with a dozen books under their belt. We don't care about how much experience you have with your chosen art, we care about the quality of the work.

Submit all text pieces as word doc, rtfs, pdfs, or paste them in the body of your email. If formatting is important for your piece then please send a pdf, otherwise it may lose its format when we transfer your work over to our files for reading. Notes on text pieces:

  • We publish plays, sestinas, sonnets, short-stories, creative nonfiction, hybrid word vomit, etc. and have editors with experience in all sorts of genres, so we welcome work from all genres

  • Prose pieces longer than 2000 words will have a very hard time keeping our attention

  • Poems longer than 40 lines rarely fair well

  • Any translations need the piece both in its original language and the translated version

  • If you want feedback let us know when you submit, we can't guarantee we'll have time to give feedback, but when we can we are happy to help writers grow

  • If we cannot get access to your piece because we cannot open a file we will just reject it

  • No previously published pieces, tried it once and were constantly disappointed with the work we were sent; we want to see writers growing and going to new places, not retreading old ground

  • Poems about birds are more likely to annoy us than please us; only send them if you feel confident and daring enough to know the piece is great

Art submissions need to be of a high quality resolution in order to be accepted. Please submit art as a jpeg, png, tiff, psd, or pdf file. Notes on art:

  • In the most art packed issues we usually average 1 for every 5 text pieces, the number is usually lower; we would love for a more even ratio

  • If we decide to use your art as the cover of the magazine we will ask for permission to make light edits to make it a cover

  • We publish photos, collages of all kinds, paintings, graphic art, illustrations, experimental works, and welcome art of any genre our contributors can come up with

  • If we cannot get access to your piece because we cannot open a file we will just reject it

  • Please make the titles of the pieces you submit clear in your submission email

Copyright Notes: BPL returns rights to contributors upon publication. BPL does not offer payment or any sort of compensation for publication.

We recommend potential contributors scroll through a previous issue to see the sort of work we've published. If you don't like what you see feel free to head over to our blog where we have resources to other publications we admire and places where you can find other journals and magazines to submit to.

The Birds We Piled Loosely Mission Statement: All our editors do this work voluntarily because we love it. None of us make money off this, but we are very proud of the work we've done and the artists and writers we've helped to promote. We believe strongly in supporting a community of writers, artists, and literary journals as much as possible and we hope to include you into this community as well. We welcome a wide range of diverse voices and see the work of this press and magazine to support the work and lives of those who struggle against oppression, especially in this current climate of right-wing extremism and fascism. That being said, if you support fascists you can fuck off and submit your work elsewhere.