Quantum Entanglement

by Dan Mahoney



Away from the glittering coastal cities and their literary wordgames, Daniel Mahoney's Quantum Entanglements introduces us to the vacant lots, ozone skylines, and endangered youth of 1980s San Joaquin Valley, one part angel dust, one part smog, another part fast cars always on the brink of losing control.  But rather than tell this story as tragedy or just another California ruinscape of cars and wounds posturing as dreams, Mahoney turns loss into a speculation on the meaning of time and matter. What does it mean to remember the past?  How do we relate something so specific as the wreck of friend's car, life, or the abandoned house in which they played across generations?  What does it mean to age and raise a family, far from an unforgiving geography of one's youth?  Weaving the intimacy of violence with the language of physics and space, Mahoney produced a beautiful collection that dignifies the people in his life without ever turning them into tropes or abstract symbols.  It's a book I will read again and again.

Benjamin Balthaser, author of Dedication and Anti-Imperialist Modernism

From spectral memories in California to the deep woods of Maine, two places inhabit Daniel Mahoney. Dense, deciduous trees and low rolling hills populate the left side of his body, while the right side opens to a wide field that stretches for miles. One deeply affects the other despite intervening space. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance” or voodoo reality. Mahoney calls it living between extremes. Be forewarned. Part lyric, part memoir, part future letter to his daughter, Quantum Entanglement will make you believe in the ghostly connections inside us and between us. This marvelous collection will unsettle you, dazzle you with airlight, get you so drunk on antigravity you’ll launch yourself blindly, gladly, off “the accidental edge of the world.”

Kristin Bock, author of CLOISTERS

"Playing between the forces of Dark Energy and the eerie resonation of childhood memory, Mahoney commemorates the uncelebrated, and hints at something large and profound but always unseen—delicate, fragile, and uncertain—all the while weaving a perverse beauty and quiet magic into empty, arid, soulless moments of time and place. When Dan Mahoney uses words, it’s like he’s diddling the private parts of your mind, leaving you feeling cerebrally molested and slightly confused about what just happened."

Matt Maranian, author of the Los Angeles Times #1 bestseller, L.A. Bizarro


Daniel Mahoney is a writer, translator, and author of Sunblind Almost Motorcrash, a book and cassette project out from Spork Press in 2015. He is the editor in chief of Bateau Press. He lives and works in Bar Harbor, Maine.



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