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JAY McClintick                                Co-founder

Someone once unironically said Jay McClintick was made of writing. What they probably meant is that Jay eats, sleeps, breathes writing. She teaches writing at the university level, she starts writing groups in whatever town she's in, she noses her way into writing workshops, and all her major relationships evolved out of connections made through writing. Also she writes a lot. Everything is published under pseudonyms, though, so don’t bother looking her up. She started BPL with Nicole Letson because of their commitment to improving and fostering a larger writing community. She's originally from Oklahoma but has lived all over for the last five years. For the time being she is in Michigan. 

Except for special projects, Jay is a reader for all submissions, helps Nicole with the designing of the magazine and chapbooks, manages the website, and works as one of the main editors with Karolina Zapal.


NICOLe Letson                                 Co-founder

With a kind heart and a roller coaster for a soul, creating came naturally to Nicole Letson. When not making more visual art, her creation comes through writing. Whether she's telling her life story or breathing an inordinate amount of life into small, unnoticed portions of the average, she can always be found with a pen, just in case. She holds a constant conversation with herself trying to better existence. While official scrawlings of hers aren't easily located, her passion for writing and creating spaces for new and continuing writers led to the brainchild of BPL with Jay. It takes three blankets to combat the year round cold in Syracuse, New York.

Nicole is the artistic editor, designing all magazines and chapbooks with Jay. She also reads all submissions and chirps loudly when anything seems out of place.


Karolina Zapal        DOGBIRD Editor-IN-CHIEF

Karolina Zapal's tumblr says she's a writer, happy adventurer, planner, artist, emotional banter, cup of tea, and woman of the woods. She writes mostly prose poetry and/or hybrid shenanigans. She was born in Poland and raised in Chicago but currently lives a yoyogi existence in Colorado, meaning her general sassiness bounces up and down depending on whether her schedule allows for time in the mountains and free-throw competitions. On the weekends, you'll find her playing 737 consecutive games of Catan (seafarers expansion) or reading anything from Small Press Distribution. You can feed her sushi with your eyes closed.

She is an MFA candidate at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, where she received the Anselm Hollo fellowship. She currently instructs an introductory writing seminar,  works at Birds Piled Loosely Press, and serves as associate editor of Something on Paper.

For BPL, Karolina runs DOGBIRD Journal. She also organized and led the making of BPL's Who Want the World Like it Is: a 2016 Election Anthology.  


Cailin Ashbaugh                 managing editor

Recently escaped from a Northwest Michigan conifer farm Cailin always has TBR stack that is threatening to topple onto her pillows while she sleeps. When she is not reading Cailin scribbles the beginnings of stories on coffee cozies and gets in well meaning arguments about the Oxford Comma. She is currently the Development Intern at Sarabande Books, an Assistant Editor at Fifth Wednesday Journal, and working the front desk at a University Library. .

Cailin is a reader of all submissions, works on social media outreach, and manages the email inbox and submissions.




Ryan Mihaly                              DOGBIRD editor

Ryan was born at 5:25 in the morning. He was hiccuping. Throughout his childhood he asked his mother to count to 27 before he fell asleep. At one point he was bit by a penguin. Eventually he moved to Tokyo where he started a ska band. Then he moved back to the States, rode in a hot air balloon called The Heavens that landed in someone's backyard, went to college, graduated, and became a bellboy. He kept a daily log of hotel happenings. He got interested in translation and spent a few years interviewing translators for The Massachusetts Review, Biblioklept, and Asymptote, where he was the Interview Features editor from 2015-2017. His interview with Richard Zenith, translator of Fernando Pessoa and other Portuguese poets, was translated into Spanish and Romanian. He currently lives in Boulder, CO, where he sings at candlelight mass, plays the bass clarinet, and is an Anne Waldman fellow at Naropa University's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

Ryan works with Karolina on reviewing and editing submissions for DOGBIRD Journal.


Future collaborators?

While BPL does not currently need anyone added to our staff, we are always open and interested in collaborating with fellow writers, artists, and publishers on any sort of projects that support a larger community of creative writers and artists. If you have a project that you would like to get started and feel that BPL can help, feel free to query us at birdspiledloosely@gmail.com.