Ghost in Girl Costume

by Manuela Williams


ABOUT GHost in girl costume

Manuela Williams’ debut chapbook chronicles a young woman’s attempts to understand her unraveling mind. Partially autobiographical, Ghost in Girl Costume explores mental illness and the circumstances surrounding it.

"Just as the title of her chapbook intimates, Manuela Williams’ Ghost in Girl Costume grapples with the complex relationship a woman has with her body and the roles implied by and inscribed to that form. Riddled with contradiction, we find in Williams’ work both the sensual and the philosophical, the shunned and the embraced—and finally, that like the “rain being sucked back into the clouds” (“Space Water”) or “lift[ing] a snowy sheet / off the body” (“Bacchanalia”), once we’re able to see behind the guise, we have no choice but to experience the full breadth and weight of it, in all its fragility and rawness."

Raegen Pietrucha, author of An Animal I Can't Name



Manuela Williams lives and writes in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a member of Carve Magazine’s guest reading committee. Her work has appeared in The Opiate, WINDOW, The Blue Route, and other magazines.



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