Let's face it, BPL's wordpress site is, quite frankly, ugly, and neither me or Nicole had the skill to work a wordpress site into something decent looking using HTML. We were always aware that the website did not look great, and as I was making new year's resolutions for BPL this year, this goal became one of them. If we're going to improve the quality of the magazine, we should start with a face lift. Everyone judges a book by the cover after all, whether we like to admit it or not.

We discussed our options and settled on squarespace after some shopping around. Part of the decision was just that we could just get it cheaper after plugging in the right SPECIAL OFFER code. We also went here because it was easier to work with than wordpress. We knew it would not be the perfect fit. The perfect fit would be a custom built website with our own domain (and hey, if you're reading this and want to do some pro-bono work, hit us up). But for now, this will be BPL's home for the next year until we feel the need to migrate again. Birds can be fickle like that, if we don't stay in one place forever, we'll be sure to let people know where they can find us.

--John McC